Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Tips for Dealing with Culture Shock

Here are some tips to keep in mind in the weeks before leaving your country to study abroad:

1.One reason why you want to go abroad is to discover a culture different from yours embrace those differences with a positive attitude and you will enjoy your time away from home much more.

2.There are a tourist, you are living abroad. This is an excellent opportunity to discover what it means to take care of yourself in another country a great success.

3.Contact your school's students who went to a country and ask about their positive and negative experiences, as both affect their acculturation. Enjoy the Internet to learn more about the country you are about to visit, including weather, food, time, transportation, photographs, etc.

4.Try try and get to enjoy as much local food as possible. Spend time at the supermarket just looking around to get an idea about the type of food eaten in your new location - this trust will make you more comfortable when you order food in a restaurant.

5.Learn a few phrases in your new language. Even if you already have language skills, do not be surprised if no one understands you at the beginning or if you do not understand at first. Patrick Cammack, a student from Atlanta, Georgia studying in Italy said, "Living in a foreign country and trying to learn the language is one of the most interesting challenges i have ever experienced."

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