Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad in Spain

We extend our original Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad section, this article focuses on the top ten reasons to study abroad in Spain. I do not know if Spain is good for you? Here are ten reasons to say "si!".

1. Discover drama.

Trampling heels of flamenco dancers twirling red cloaks of bullfighters, knows Spanish drama. It is not limited to photographs is familiar - consider foam fat chef Ferran Adria, the films of Pedro Almodovar and dripping architecture of Gaudi church in Barcelona. If life seems dull and boring, a little Spanish you set right.

2. Speak español.

The Spanish occupied the three most spoken languages in the world, as well as Chinese and English. Since Spain is a base for Spanish, what better way to learn it?

3. Learn to say "qué rica".

Start your day with a cafe con leche and Panadería local bakery. For lunch, try the Tortilla Española (egg and potato dish). Dinner is a late night accident in Spain, but the gap of tapas. The sensitivity of these small dishes - mixed olives, serrano ham, Manchego cheese - is a perfect companion for a glass of Rioja wine. Still awake? Make it a dinner of paella.

4. Explore the peninsula.

Spain is an interesting place to study, because it is so different boundaries. It is located in a complex history, from Muslim domination of the Catholic kingdom of the bloody civil war. And is characterized by a strong regional identity, sunny Andalusia in southern mountainous area in northern Basque.

5. Take it (relatively) easy.

French is packed with vowels that never seems to rule. Chinese requires learning a new writing system. German words can be continued indefinitely. But not Spanish. The alphabet is familiar. Words can be sounded out easily. And vocabulary overlap is reassuring English.

6. Enjoy nap time.

Who does not love a culture that appreciates the art of afternoon nap? Spain is a traditional, three hours to allow workers a midday break for lunch and a nap. But beware: The agencies and companies in major cities are abandoning the siesta is to meet the EU's working time.

7. Don't miss the Prado.

Art lovers will find much to wow them in Spain, including the elongated figures of El Greco, the royal portraits by Velázquez, Goya surprisingly modern paintings end, cooling Guernica by Picasso and surrealism of Salvador Dalí.

8. Head north (or south).

London and Paris are not known for good weather, unless you like the gray sky, a chill in the bones and drizzle. But the sun of Spain is an excellent starting point for the weekend to cooler climates of Europe. And thanks to its unique geographical location, it is equally easy to head south and explore destinations in North Africa like Morocco.

9. Increase your resume appeal.

When Spain and the other, the common language of American companies are always looking for bilingual employees. When you compete for the same qualified candidates at home, who speaks Spanish could tip the scales in your favor.

10. Add zest to your life.
"What I regret most, but certainly bring with me the Spanish zest for life," says Melissa Wells, a student at the University of Maine, who studied in Granada with AIF. "They really live each day (and night) in the extreme. "

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  1. Never thought of going Spain to study before, but after you posted this makes me feel it is not a bad choice either. I may take consideration of going to Spain.